TicketPlan Protection

As with all other Theatres and other Venues, events sold for the Fowey Festival are on the basis of a ‘No Refunds’ policy.

However, the CRBO TicketPlan service enables our customers to obtain a refund if they are unable to attend a booked event as a result of circumstances given below.  The service is financed by a small levy on the cost of the complete booking.

This is a brief description of the allowable reasons for a refund:

  • Public transport problems
  • Death, accident or illness of person, immediate family or person in group attending
  • Vehicle breakdown en route to venue or public transport problems
  • Being called for Jury service
  • Burglary or Fire at home residence
  • Summons to appear in Court as a witness
  • Armed Services member being posted overseas
  • Adverse weather giving rise to Government agency-issued travel warnings

Especially for the Fowey Festival, we have negotiated an increase in the limit for refunds to £550.00 per booking.

A full explanation is given on the Terms & Conditions page or on request from the CRBO office: Phone 01726 879500

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