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Duncan Minshull

Beneath My Feet: Writers on Walking

Thursday 1 October, 11:00am-12:00pm
Fowey Town Hall

Walking and writing have always gone together. Poets walk out a rhythm for their lines and novelists put their characters on a path. But the best insights, the deepest and most joyous examinations of this simple activity are to be found in non-fiction, travelogues and memoirs. Beneath My Feet: Writers On Walking rounds up the most memorable walker-writers from the 1700’s to the modern day. Duncan Minshull, audio producer, and a writer and anthropologist on the subject of walking, will be asking the question: ‘Why do writers love walking, and what are the joys and benefits gained from such a simple but compelling activity?’ Discussing his latest book, Beneath My Feet: Writers On Walking, he will provide answers from Petrarch and Mark Twain, Virginia Woolf and Will Self, and looking to the audience for views too.


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