Young Writers and Artists Awards Results 2018

Fowey Festival Awards 2018 for Young Writers and Artists

An amazing 543 entries have been received this year from all over the world (compared with 523 last year): 145 poems, 107 stories, 275 pictures and 16 models.

Thank you to all young writers and artists who have created such a wonderful collection of poems, short stories and art about BIRDS this year. The winning entries and those commended by the judges will be displayed in the Fowey Parish Church during the Festival from 11th to 18th May and posted on this web site for everyone to enjoy.

Awards and Prize Presentation – all welcome

This will take place in the Festival Marquee at 11am on Saturday 19th May, at which the writers and artists will read out their poems and stories and show off their pictures and models. Please come and enjoy this free event.

First and Second Prizes will be given for each age category: Infants, Juniors and Secondary, for Stories, Poems and Art. In addition, the top two pictures in each age category will be framed for the artists to keep.

Two new Awards of ‘Writer of the Year’ and ‘Artist of the Year’ have been created in 2018 and the winners of these will be announced at the Awards Presentation.

A Special additional award will also be made.

Entries have been local and international

Entries came from many local schools as well as individual entries from as far away as Nigeria, Canada, America, Northern Ireland and across England.

Local schools that have taken part include Fowey, Lostwithiel, Lerryn, Pondhu, St Winnow, St Stephen Churchtown, Treverbyn Stenalees and Wadebridge Primary Schools, Roselyon Preparatory School, Doubletrees School for young people with learning disabilities, Fowey River and Penrice Academies.

Thank you to the Judges who have scrutinised all the entries, taking account of entrants’ ages and any additional needs and help given. They have judged them for their ideas and creativity and selected the winners and runners up in each category, awarding commendations too.

  • Art including The Young Artist of the Year Award was judged by: Julian Davies, Webb Street Company, Sue Strachan & Debbie Martin, Artists.
  • Poems were judged by Verna Roberts and Lesley McCartney after shortlisting by Verna Roberts, Eve Ross and Jan More.
  • Stories were judged by Ros Eaton and Sue Strachan.
  • The Young Writer of the Year Award was judged by Marj James, Poet.

Thank you to our Sponsors: Bookends of Fowey for sponsoring the writing competition prizes again this year and to Great Art for sponsoring the art prizes.  Thank you to Atishoo Gallery, Charlestown for framing the winning pictures.

145 poems and 107 stories entered

The winning and second place poems and stories have been typed up for ease of reading, without any correction. The winning and second place pictures have been scanned and the models photographed. See them below. The winning, second and commended entries will be on display in Fowey Church during the Festival.


Infants 4-7 years: 25 poems

1st Prize Hudson-Rose Hupfield Polruan Age 6, Yr 2

Title: How to Fly

A pluck of feathers to give you wings,
A puff of wind to power things,
A pinch of bird’s hope to lift you high,
Then aim for the sky … that’s how to fly!

Judges’ Comment:
Recipe for uplifting flight, fast paced with “A pinch of bird’s hope to lift you high”.
This delightful poem is the epitome of how we like to imagine our birds.
There is a magic here that brings joy to our hearts.
‘A pluck of feathers to give you wings’
We hope our young poet will keep writing to entrance many readers and listeners in the future. Very well done!

2nd Prize – Rufus Perkins Roselyon School Yr 1

Title: A Bird’s Eye View

I can see a sunny, cloudy sky.
I can hear … the swaying, rustling bushes.
I can smell … the salty, wet fish.
I can touch … slow, rippling water.
I can taste tasty sweet worms!
I like to dream of being fast like a slim quick Cheater!

Judges’ Comment:
A sensual poem in which you feel as if you are the bird, eating “tasty sweet worms” and dreaming “of being fast like a slim quick cheater”.

Highly Commended
Eloise Charles Newquay Age 6, Yr 2
Title: Early in the morning

Juniors 8-11 years: 102 poems

1st Prize – Wawa Ojo Roselyon School Age 10, Yr 6

Title: Common and Rare

Birds … such mysterious creatures,
So common, yet so rare,
Now think, do birds deserve,
Such ‘large’ amounts of care?

The robin, one of the common,
So majestic at its throne,
Since the days of the early bird,
‘Till fully and mentally grown.

The vulture, one of the rare,
One that fights for the prey,
Their mouths, a portal to death,
That’s active during the day.

Birds are different,
In shape, and in size,
When they spread their wings,
They soar to the skies.

Birds … such mysterious creatures,
So common, yet so rare,
Now you ‘know’ why birds deserve,
Such large amounts of care.

Judges’ Comment:
The contrast between the common Robin and the rare, majestic Vulture is well drawn in a poem that has form. The poem concludes that even the Vulture with “mouths a portal to death” deserves “large amounts of care”.

2nd Prize Joshua Luke Richardson Wakefield, Yorkshire Age 7

Title: Birds on our Planet

There are many different types of birds,
that I can describe with different words
Some birds have rain bow feathers
and many birds fly in different weathers
and then there’s birds who eat rabbits
There’s birds that have weird habits
and birds that can talk
and some can squawk
birds of all different looks,
and extinct in nature books.

Birds that click cluck
Birds with claws in the shape
of a hook.
Birds that live in trees,
Birds that live with the bees.
Birds that have a dangly neck.
Birds that have a beak to peck.

There are so many birds,
on our planet, that I can think of.
Mostly they live high above.

Judges’ Comment:
Fun, rhyming poem valuing the variety of birds. The judges liked the mature phrase, “birds of all different looks, and extinct in nature books”

Highly Commended
Hazel P Fowey Primary School Readymoney Class Age 9, Yr 4
Title: The Pasty Stealer

Freddie M Fowey Primary School Readymoney Class Age 9, Yr 4
Title: Could I be a Bird?

Evie N Fowey Primary School Polridmouth Class Age 9, Yr 5
Title: Birds Oh Wonderful Birds

Dylan Su Roselyon School Age 8, Yr 4
Title: Birds After School

Secondary 12-16 years: 18 poems

1st Prize Ella Causer Sudbury, Suffolk Age 11

Title: Missing You

I can’t take this anymore, it’s time to fly away …
from all the breaking hearts, I hope I’ll be ok
I have to get over this, no matter how hard it may be
But for now I will stay up here in my lonely tree

Waiting for the sun to rise
And to draw out my darkness hanging inside
So I can fly away without any regret
As I just can’t forget about you yet
Because you are in my mind every single day
I miss the times when we used to play
So as I flap my wings and fly
Up into the sunlit sky
A hole is made into my heart
One that can’t be fixed when we are apart.

Judges’ Comment:
A powerful, very moving, mature poem: “A hole is made into my heart, one that can’t be fixed when we are apart.”

2nd Prize Katie Schutte Wicklewood, Norfolk Age 16

Title: Swallows

There’s something wrong with the swallows today –
An urgency in their flight that wasn’t there before.
I think I know what’s coming.

Something different with the sky –
The air stills, and whitens like a shroud.
The Arctic winds whisper the hour has come…
and the skies empty.

Daedalus crafted his wings for Freedom,
And now they, too, must trust their own feathers to
Sail over ocean, soar over motherland.

And even as I watch them,
Now, here, today,
There is something different inside me also, and suddenly
I know. But it’s too late –
the khaki truck turns away,
pursuing those same distant lands
with only the promise of return.

Judges’ Comment:
An accomplished poem that portrays the disturbing, unsettling sense of a time to flee, in the swallows and person, “The Arctic winds whisper the hour has come… With only the promise of return.”

Highly Commended
Emily Wakeham Penrice Academy Yr 10
Title: The Robin


Infants 4-7 years: 3 Stories

1st Prize Thomas Boraston Lerryn Age 6

Title: The Robin who wanted to be a Superhero!

Once there was a robin called Ronald. All he wanted was to be a superhero. Ronald Robin had been learning super skills and every morning he would practice before going to Karate School.

Ronald’s mother gave him a cape and a mask for his birthday but Ronald was such a small Robin he thought he would never be a real superhero.

Ronald’s best friend, Wilfred Woodpecker said “no matter what size or age you are, you can always be anything you want”. “But how?” asked Ronald. “I don’t know, maybe one day you’ll do a really good deed” answered Wilfred.

Sure enough the day came for Ronald to do his good deed. Blistro Blackbird had tied up Wilfred’s wings to keep him as a slave and amazingly, though he wasn’t expecting it to happen, Ronald flew to rescue Wilfred.

When Ronald got to Blistro’s hideout there was a giant T.V. and Blistro’s face appeared on the screen. He said awful, mean things so Ronald punched the brick wall and it instantly fell to pieces. Super Ronald flew in through the gap in the brick wall. He met Blistro, defeated him, saved his friend and became a real superhero after all.

Judges’ Comment:
A touching story. Many children would identify with Ronald who felt “too small to be a Superhero”. He finds that he can do a good deed and rescues Wilfred Woodpecker.

2nd Prize Elijah Lott Braunton, Nth Devon Age 5

Title: Scribbly Bird

There was a scribbly village and a scribbly boy who found a scribbly chest and a scribbly key. He opened the scribbly chest and found a scribbly bird. He became the bird and flew in the scribbly sky but he had a scribbly wing so he fell to the scribbly ground.

The End

Judges’ Comment:
A Scribbly boy becomes a Scribbly bird and flies in the Scribbly sky. We loved this simple and imaginative story.

Highly Commended
Kobyn Lerryn Primary School Yr 2
Title: The Bird Advencher

Juniors 8-11 years: 101 Stories

1st Prize Tallulah Heaton Bradford on Avon Age 9

Title: Detective Birds

Detective Florence Robin had green eyes, like the green of a blade of grass from her mother’s bed in their small nest in the yew tree in Fowey’s church garden. She had a green necklace around her neck with pretty, little daisy petals from a daisy flower below their tree. Her life was perfect. She went to bird school early in the morning when all the predators were asleep.
Then, one Friday morning, her mother went missing. This happened when the children were at bird school and her dad was having one of his morning naps and was sleeping very soundly. Florence gave a horrified cry when she got back to the nest and her family (all except her mother, of course) were at her side at once. They too gave a cry of horror as they saw what had happened.

Florence flew immediately towards her friend, Hazel Wren’s tiny nest. Hazel jumped when Florence came crashing in. “Florence! Whatever is the…” But she didn’t get to finish her sentence for Florence said “Hazel! The most awful thing has happened! Mother’s gone missing!” And they immediately flew with strong beats of their small wings to find clues. They stopped flying in mid air as they saw something red glinting in the early morning sun. Florence, who had good eye sight, said “That’s a magic missing bird stone, you know, the one used to find missing birds without looking for clues of any sort. It just takes you to the missing bird you’re looking for when you say the missing bird’s name.” “YES!” cried Hazel. “Say your mother’s name and it will take us to her!”

“Jessica Robin,” said Florence “Take me to Jessica Robin.” and almost immediately they were being pulled towards bird school and they saw Mrs Robin down in the playground being dragged along by a vicious looking Raven with a deadly sharp beak. She was being dragged towards Mr Boss Raven who had a sharpened knife in his wings. “MOTHER!” shouted Florence. “Florence,” yelped Mrs Robin helplessly, “Hazel. Do something. Get someone.” Hazel flew off immediately before Florence could move, and was back in two seconds flat with the Blackbird Police. Florence had bravely pulled the knife away from Mr Boss Raven’s wings and scratched both of the evil Ravens’ wings and strapped their legs down for the police to take care of. She quickly pushed her mother into the safety of her father’s wings.

Then Florence and Hazel’s families went home to Florence’s nest for a victory celebration while the evil Ravens were put into different police bird cages for the rest of their lives. “Thank goodness that’s all over and thanks to Detective Birds Florence and Hazel for coming to my rescue.” said Mrs Robin,” I think we should all jolly well get some rest after all that drama.” “Yes, I think we should.” agreed Florence and Hazel, and they both plumped up their feathers and settled down to sleep.


Judges’ Comment:
Good story structure, well organised. An exciting story of a missing Mother Bird, magic stones and a daring rescue. Vivid language.

2nd Prize Josie Clemow Treverbyn Academy, Stenalees Yr 6

Title: A Christmas Snowy Robin

One winter’s day, in the falling gentle snow, Jake and I went on a walk where we found a bird that looked like a Robin. He had an orange breast and deep, dark eyes. I thought the robin looked injured he had scruffy feathers and a cut leg. We took the Robin to the vets and they said the Robin had a broken wing, they advised us to look after it for a few weeks till it got better.

A few weeks later, on Christmas Eve the Robin’s wing was looking better, and he was happily flying around the cage. Later that day we took the Robin back to his habitat, the snowy forest. Next came along a flock of Robins who flew by and we thought it was his family. They greeted him with joy. We watched him fly into the distance.

As Jake and I woke up on Christmas morning we heard a tap at the window, we rushed to the window to find the Robin greet us. We were pleased to find the Robin happy and healthy.

Now every Christmas morning, he comes pecking at our window waking us up and saying hello.

Judges’ Comment:
A gentle and heart-warming story of an injured robin who comes back on Christmas Day to thank the children who saved him.

Highly Commended
Barney Kelliher Fowey Age 10
Title: The Eagle

Highly Commended
Poppy Bees Pondhu Primary School, St Austell Yr 5
Title: The New Bird

Daniel Lerryn Primary School Age 10, Yr 5
Title: The Book

George Etches Gorran, St Austell Age 10, Yr 5
Title: Black Back Gull

Secondary: 12-16 years: 3 Stories

1st Prize Owoh Ugonna Alexander Enugu State, Nigeria Age 16

Title: The Melody of my ancestors

I lived in the Boston pedigree, wearing hand gloves on winters with fluffy jacket, coated and heavy on me. I walk on my street listening to the words of my ancestor, enshrine into a bird’s voice. It called itself a sparrow, had the skin of my mother, so dark like her with brittle –spot of lotion and tone. Its streamline feathers showing me the beauty of blackness entangled into Africa.

Its beak, so elongated-curved like the blade of a butcher and meat praiser. Its legs telling me the dead that ate the fruit of living. So long was it claws, gently curved for their purposes.
I had learnt to break my bones into a prince and listen to the voice of my father from this bird, that burst into songs and then to a voice that came into my ears both thunders and brimstones.

And as I walk through the street of lights where shades and harmattan telling my skin the welcome of the groaning eve. I shall walk with my earlobes swallowing the songs of this bird that chirps in thunderous moan.

I had gone a thousand miles to find the yolk that gave the warmth of the bird’s generation, screaming the rhythm of words that transcends into voices. And as I kiss my path on a foible morn, where I long to sing with the birds with the skin of my mother.

As the message I bring shall be embedded into its claws, taking joy to my father’s land.

For I am the melody of silk-happiness braided into fabric-joy.

Judges’ Comment:
Beautiful, lyrical narrative, almost a poem but defined as a story by the writer. Wonderful last line: “For I am the melody of silk-happiness braided into fabric-joy”.

2nd Prize Eleanor Humm Fowey Age 12

Title: The Birds In The Clouds

I stuffed my rope of daisies into my pocket. I threw my body, gently, onto the dewy grass which I sunk into like I was lying in quicksand; I stared at the clouds, they spun around my head like the earth around the sun. I relaxed, my body sunk further. My eyelids shut as peacefully as possible and I was visiting my dreams.

When I returned from my enchanted slumber, I was surrounded by…birds? I was a fish out of water… yet a bird out of the sky. Every time my eyes opened a new waterfall of birds flooded into the empty space. I looked up at the clouds but they were gone. I looked down at my feet and I was miles away from the earth I call home. As I suffocate in my imaginary world, I closed my eyes tight, the white angel on my shoulder is telling me, it is all a dream. I leap, like a peregrine falcon falling for its prey. On spur of the moment, just before I hit the floor like a rotting apple from a tree, two golden claws reach under my arms. The birds from the clouds have saved me.

Judges’ Comment:
Very mature writing, a dream-like story which almost ends badly, but “the birds from the clouds have saved me”.

Highly Commended
Raily Graham Bude Age 14
Title: Raindrops and Birdsong


All can be seen at the Young Writers and Artists Exhibition in Fowey Parish Church during the Fowey Festival.

Infants 4-7 years: 92 pictures entered

1st Prize Ottilie Fowey Primary, Cannis Class Yr 1

Judges’ Comment:
Beautiful use of materials, expressive, loosely drawn, good proportions.








2nd Prize Ruby Massey Lostwithiel Primary School Reception Class

Judges’ Comment:
Very painterly technique. Loose, good fun, colour and movement.









Highly Commended
Lisa-May Lerryn
Primary School Yr 1

Juniors 8-11 years: 128 pictures

1st Prize Evie Builder Roselyon School Yr 3

Judges’ Comment:
Exquisitely drawn, beautiful, subtle colour, boldly painted.









2nd Prize Raffy Lostwithiel Yr 4

Judges’ Comment:
Strikingly Sensitive use of line and tone. Dynamic.









Highly Commended
Teagan Eldridge
Wadebridge Primary Yr 3

Highly Commended
St Stephen Churchtown Yr 4

Jamie Leigh
Treverbyn Academy, Stenalees Yr 5

Secondary 12-16 years: 55 pictures

1st Prize Skye Smith Fowey River Academy Yr 9

Judges’ Comment:
Highly imaginative, good use of colour, good technique.












2nd Prize Will Richards Fowey River Academy Yr 7

Judges’ Comment:
Stunningly beautifully drawn, strikingly graphic.













Highly Commended
Elissa Blight
Fowey River Academy Yr 7

Adam Kemp
Fowey River Academy Yr 9

Sophie Spavage
Fowey River Academy Yr 9

16 models, all from Junior Year 5 pupils

1st Prize Lola Harvey Roselyon School Yr 5

Judges’ Comment:
Matchbox design invites you to look inside. Great attention to detail, complete with its own message:
“Stand for something even if it means standing alone. Often times the one who flies solo has the strongest wings”.











2nd Prize Matilda O’Halloran Pondhu Yr 5

Judges’ Comment:
Model in a shoe-box lid is tactile with a great use of materials, colours and attention to detail.







Highly Commended
Jake Newton-Webster
Roselyon School Yr 5

Special Group Award to young people with learning disabilities
Doubletrees School Penlee 2 Class, 7 learners from Early Years 2.5 to Year 9

Judges’ Comment:
We loved to exuberant way hand prints had been used to crest the open tail of this beautiful bird. Tactile colour mixing and textured printing adds to the image’s energy.










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