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Lulu Taylor and Veronica Henry Fowey Festival

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Pan Macmillan Publishers

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Saturday 13th May

Lulu Taylor & Veronica Henry

The ‘Big House’ in Literature

4.00pm to 5.00pm

The Fowey Town Hall £10.00

From Manderley to Pemberley, from Blandings to Cold Comfort Farm, the house has always played a fascinating role in literature. Bestselling commercial fiction authors Lulu Taylor and Veronica Henry carry on the tradition, both featuring houses in their novels which are almost characters in their own right. They discuss the allure of the house in fiction, reading from their own work and their favourite novels. With every house comes a fascinating cast of characters: masters, chatelaines, housekeepers, nannies and dead bodies abound.  Come and hear them discuss the enduring appeal of this literary device and vote for your own favourite fictional house: Thornfield? Wuthering Heights? Brideshead?

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